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nicholson guzzler

The other day, a close friend of mine said ” After almost 100 years, automakers should know how to
build vehicles properly and yet, they build to a price, not a level of quality.”
This is a great observation.

Also, I’ve noticed that most of the commericials for new vehicles lately
are all for huge gas sucking SUVs, like the Hummer, 4X4 pickup trucks, or other types of vehicles which
are all “bogged down by increased weight”. With the use of all these “space age” materials, the weights
of automobiles has not decreased, and everbody knows that vehicle weight affects acceleration, braking,
and most of all, fuel economy.

In the 1970’s small cars on the cutting edge of technology were getting 30 mpg, but over thirty years later, this has not significantly increased. The average small car still posts a mileage of guess what, 30 mpg. Sure Chevrolet boasts in their advertising about how their trucks and SUVs all make 20 “real world” mpg but with our level of technology this is a JOKE.

Do auto makers care about the environment? Hell, no. The public has been manipulated into wanting these inefficient,
pollution spweing dinosaurs even though it is against our best interests. This is just another example of how we’re being sold something we don’t need. The manufacturers of these beasts say that there’s nothing to worry about, buy our guzzlers, we’ll get around to making them more environmentally friendly in ten years, but it’s already too late. The average temperates throughout the Earth has already risen 4 degrees, which is more than enough to unbalance the ecosystems of nature. We’re already seeing it’s effects, the polar ice caps are melting at an incredible rate, the ocean’s temperature altered drastically. This year, the major winter sport events in skiing had to be cancelled because it was too warm even to preserve the artificial snow.
For those of you who think global warming is a myth, think again, winter 05-06 in Canada was the warmest ever by six degrees


~ by judohobo on December 14, 2006.

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