dolla bill y'all

Diamonds. It’s all about the bling. Every rapper is flashing it in his / her latest video. White suburban kids who wanna be cool are buying diamond earrings, diamond studded gold chains, and grills for their teeth. Are there kids who blow their college tuition on a bling necklace? Probably. Worse than that, it’s teaching impressionable teenagers how to bury themselves in debt before they’re even legal adults.

yo, check out ma grill

There’s a commercial out now, just in time for the Xmas season, of course, in which the song playing tin the background says ” Every kiss begins with @$$ ” ( @$$ being the diamond merchant’s name, sorry guys, no free advertising for your greedy asses here ). Anyway, while the gold diggers are nagging away for their latest stone, and the diamond sellers are raking in the massive quarterly cash revenue, no one seems to realize that these diamonds have to come from somewhere. Somewhere, in this case, is usually Africa, where very poor Africans work 12 to 14 hours a day, earning the substandard wages of about a dollar a day to unearth millions of dollars worth of diamonds. What’s more, the money from the sale of these rocks often funds local African warlords or militia’s, buying their guns and ammo – to ensure by the power of the gun that Africa remains a hellhole

bling bling bling bling


~ by judohobo on December 18, 2006.

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