Welfare to work programs

The state of Michigan, among others, has a welfare to work program, in which, poor, often African American single mothers are lent out as slave labor for the local corporations like, defense contractors, for example, as well as customer service type jobs in the local malls and such. These women are paid minimum wage, and work overtime, up to 70 hours a week with no overtime bonus. All these women have children, who they never get to see, who are left on their own, with maybe their older brothers or sisters to raise them, if they are lucky.

These kids are already disadvantaged by the fact they only have one parent who doesn’t have the time to meet their needs because they’re slaves to the interests of some greedy corporation. The generation of kids who grow up like this will have long lasting social and psychological problems, children need the care of loving parents to become well adjusted adults. It seems a program like this just shows how much the American government hates it’s own people, depriving children of their parents so a missile factory or donut shop can have slave labor… These corporations don’t have our best interests at heart, for they are well aware that well adjusted, happy people don’t need to buy their products


~ by judohobo on December 18, 2006.

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