Walmart does not deserve our hard earned dollars

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There’s a great documentary called ” Walmart: The High Cost of Low price “. One man who watched the film said he sat through it with his fists clenched for two hours. Only a powerful film could make someone so angry. The makers of this film
should be rewarded for bringing ongoing fraud on a massive scale to the consumers attention.

The facts are:
Walmart drives down retail wages in every area it moves into. The retail sector is the lowest paying already, the working poor
that are already being taken advantage of don’t need this.

Walmart does not care about it’s employees. Their ” medical package” doesn’t actually cover anything, but a healthy sum is deducted off the employees paychecks every two weeks. Most employees, who are almost always single mothers, have to use charity programs funded by the state ( by taxpayers ).

Walmart does not pay overtime. In fact they force employees to work extra hours off the clock if they want to keep their jobs. See above point about single mothers who are already being exploited without having to work for free.

Walmart used illegal immigrants to clean stores in the USA. See here : >

Walmart has it’s own sweatshops in China and Bangladesh where workers earn 13 cents an hour, and are forced to live in company owned dorms. If the workers leave the dorms and live somewhere else the rent is still deducted off their pay each month.

Walmart has been busted for several environmental violations. In one case, they stored herbicides and pesticides right above the storm drain for a local water resevoir for the Catawba River. The river keeper kept a diary of Walmart’s lack of respect for the environment here:

~ by judohobo on December 26, 2006.

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