the truth about global warming

Watch david attenborough’s documentary. Good stuff. Here’s the condensed version:

CO2 sources

Polar ice is melting three weeks earlier each year. Glaciers everywhere are in recession,
but have decreased in size more since 1998 than from 1930 – 1998.

High sea temperatures make devastating hurricanes. Ocean heat energy makes an
immensely powerful wind. Before hurricane Katrina, ocean temps in the Gulf were the
highest ever recorded. The strength of hurricanes is definitely increasing.
2005 was the worst season ever recorded.

During the Ice Age, global temperatures were only FOUR degrees lower than
they are now. If you think a couple of degrees change means nothing
to our environment, think again.

The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is the highest it’s ever been in this planet’s history.
Forests used to absorb the CO2 until we started clearcutting them. Drought is also
killing the trees, this is caused by abnormally warm ocean temperatures.
High ocean temps also kill algae and coral reefs.

Stop and think for a minute about how unpredictable weather is becoming,
and the increasing number of storms and disasters we have each year. Does
the government of North America care about what is happening? Of course not.
They’ve spent billions of tax payer’s dollars on studies, they know what’s happening
but plan to do nothing. Why is this? One reason is because of powerful special interest
groups lobbying, the most powerful, in fact, the oil industry. Big Oil has been clever
enough to put three of it’s best activists in the White House and the Canadian parliament.
George W. Bush (Dick Cheney, too) and Stephen Harper both come from the oilpatch,
is this a coindence?
Of course not. Both these governments could do the right thing and require
big oil to sell a pollution reducing mixture of gasoline and 5% ethanol, but instead
they will talk about what a great idea this is and pat themselves on the back for it
while stalling it’s introduction for another five or probably ten years while continuing
to waste taxpayers money and countless storms and disasters continue to destroy people’s lives.
Could our governments force automakers to market an SUV that gets 50 mpg?
In a second, and the technology already exists to do so. In fact, in the 1950’s a
small car, the Nash Metropolitan was advertised as having a fuel economy
rating of 40 miles to the gallon, and this claim was not untrue.
Will it happen? Of course not, because Bush and Harper are in Big Oil’s back pocket.

When these two leaders go abroad, are they representing their nations or
representing Big Oil’s interests throughout the globe? It is also very interesting that
before every major holiday, “tensions in the middle east ” increase just enough to justify
a huge gasoline price increase that miraculously ends when the summer season / long weekend
is over. It should make us more angry than it does that our intelligence is insulted like this


~ by judohobo on January 6, 2007.

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