privatization and poverty

There’s something disappearing from today’s world. Can you guess what it is?

It’s the middle class, the average that everyone expects to be. Why is this so?
Well, there are many reasons. One of them is the cuts in social programs that
politicians see as excess fat or waste because the money is not going to
their rich cronies.

The most important question is, where is the middle class going?
We’ll come back to that later.

In the USA and in the province of Alberta ( Canada ), come about as close to
unrestricted capitalism as we can find. In America, health care and social
programs have always been privatized. Coupled with a very low minimum wage
– $5.15 an hour at this time, we see poverty like a Third World nation within the
United States, with a host of social and economic problems from this lack of
support for those who need it most. Homelessness is rampant, $5.15 an hour
even at a 70 hour work week doesn’t pay the rent in any American city.
In Texas North ( alberta), interestingly we see a very similar situation unfolding.
Almost everything that can be privatized has been, with of course, the added extra
cost to each citizen. There is still basic health care but with mimimal coverage
compared to the rest of Canada. Minimum wage was $5.90 an hour until very
recently, now it is $7.00. Rent in alberta is approaching $800 -$1000 per month,
on average, so we can see where this is going. Just in case you can’t here are
some sample stats from a few cities in alberta:

edmonton – the capital. the city of champions. In 2002, edmonton boasted
1912 homeless, a 65% increase from the previous year. A film called, Cold
Streets was made there featuring some locals from the Old Strathcona area.
In 2007, it was reported that the number had increased to 2600, a 20%
increase from two years before. Here’s the link:

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