the disappearing middle class part 2


It is truly disturbing when one notices that lately the average worker is putting
in 60 or often more hours of work per week or having to do the work of
two or three people, and isn’t getting ahead, but instead
just barely keeping up. High mortgage payments, sky high rents and utilities,
taxes, insurance payments, credit cards payments, student loan payments,
cellphone, internet, the cost of keeping our kids in hockey, piano lessons,
school fees, RRSP contributions, and after all that we’re expected to have
money left over for luxuries like food.

There’s no doubt the squeeze is on, stress is higher than ever, we’re
working longer hours and not seeing any rewards. Does our government
care, of course not? PM Stephen Harper says he cares about the
environment and about wasteful government spending, but he leaves his
motorcade running for over two hours outside his office door. Why not?
He’s not paying for his gas, taxpayers are.

Times are tough these days, that’s for sure, we can’t be naive enough
to think we’re safe from economic downturn. All it takes is for the tire
plant you’ve given 20 years of your life to to shut down, your husband
to get cancer, your wife to die suddenly in accident or violent crime, a
terrible car accident or unexpected illness and we could suddenly find
ourselves one of the less fortunate. The massive layoffs in Windsor
Ontario recently and decrease of unionized high paying auto industry
jobs is fast turning the area into canada’s Flint, Michigan. What
used to be a booming economy now has the highest unemployment
in the country

oakies/ grapes of wrath


~ by judohobo on January 15, 2007.

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