consumers don’t get what we pay for

Products. There’s always a new product we HAVE TO buy because
it’s supposed to make our lives better…if you get sucked in by the hype,
or the sex appeal used in the marketing campaign.

Nowadays, all products are designed to fail after a certain period of time,
which is getting shorter and shorter. Corporate greed goes by the quarterly
reports, if the greatest thing since sliced bread dies in the fewest number of
quarters, guess what? They can sell us the same piece of crap all over again.
What if u want to fix the original one you bought, spare the landfills another
useless piece of plastic? Spare parts? The customer service dept. will
probably laugh, and with good reason. Nobody fixes today’s disposable goods,
they’re designed with the idea of being used a dozen or so times before crapping
out. If you are stubborn, or old school enough to demand to be able to fix the
thing, you’ll find, sadly, that spare parts are unavailable or more expensive
than a new unit. All designed to increase sales, of course, keep the hogs at the
trough, with their noses in it so no one notices anything.

sex sells everything

tan lines


~ by judohobo on January 26, 2007.

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