AFN Chief Phil Fontaine appeals to corporate sponsorship

phil fontaine

Last week, Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine apealed to
corporations to help native people get out of poverty and the hopelessness
of their situation in canada. A smart idea, since the canadian government
has turned a deaf ear to plight of first nations living in third world conditons
and committing suicide in much higher numbers than the white population.

chief wahoo thinks cleveland sucks

calumet baking powder


who could forget the obvious?

It is only fitting that buisness pitches in to help the first nations, since
they don’t hesitate to cash in on every trend or commercialization of
native north american culture and history. Both African americans and
first nations people have been the biggest victims of cultural imperialism,
the rich white businessmen selling logos, images, and ideas stolen
without compensation from brown and red peoples. Images like Little
Black Sambo and Aunt Jemima ( clearly a slave ), as well as some of
the major sports teams logos featuring bucktoothed native americans
looking like clowns are demeaning, also very profitable. If the corporate
world has profited so much at the native or black’s expense it is only fair
they should cough up some kind of compensation.


need i say more?

If your only hope is someone who’s preference is exploitation, it
is truly sad to have to turn to them for help because there are few
other options. The corporation was founded on greed, exploitation
and racism


~ by judohobo on February 13, 2007.

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