Union is a dirty word

upward mobility

Lately, there’s a lot of talk about how unions are to blame for most of our
economic woes. In many parts of the USA and especially in Alberta, the word
union is a dirty word, that arouses a lot of hate from the people that hear it.
Usually, these same people are the ones who’s benefit most from being
unionized, instead of being working poor and THEIR fault that they work
hard yet don’t earn enough for a decent standard of living. The service
industry in north america, especially, needs to unionize to protect it’s
employees against corrupt exploitation of workers exemplified by Walmart.

In a selfish world like we live in today, where everybody is out to grab as
much for themselves as they can, it is easy to see that nobody gets anywhere
without a lot of help. That’s what a union does, unite workers who’d otherwise
be exploited, to help each other. Think of the nation of Sweden, where
everybody has a middle class lifestyle for the price of slightly higher taxes
than the average citizen pays in canada or the united states. Also, Sweden’s
goverment has the least corruption of any industrialized nation and was ranked
this year as the best nation to be in child in – in other words having the best
education system, social, and health services.

union buster


~ by judohobo on February 22, 2007.

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