insiders vs outsiders


Insiders and outsiders, that’s what the world is all about.
Becoming an insider with all the advantages while the
unfortunate outsiders stare in through the windows
wishing they were on the inside.

Insider trading, the old boy’s network, being one
of the elite with the secret knowledge. The lifestyle,
the security of “being set for life” and far ahead of
everyone else.

The latest form of this disease has shocked almost
everyone, for the last year the Ontario Lottery and
Gaming comission has been rocked by a massive
scandal, complete with allegations of fraud and
of course, the required cover up. The lottery
ticket retailers have been winning over 10% of the
prizes, a statistical improbability. For the straight
dope on this story, see here:

~ by judohobo on March 15, 2007.

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