Big Sugar


Obesity increasing at an alarming rate, with, of course, rising
diabetes rates not far behind. Everything we eat is unnecessarily
loaded with sugar. The human body is just not designed to
process such vast amounts of refined white sugar. In the old
days, when humans were hunter / gatherers the only calories
were probably taken in from eating berries and starches, or maybe
a small amount of honey, not half a dozen cans of sugared syrop
( what a can of cola really is) per day on top of a lot of sugar
loaded foods.

Before 1900, the average person consumed 5 lbs of sugar
each year, now we are consuming 2-3 lbs per week, with
distastrous effects on our health, especially our immune

Many scientists, and nutritionists also predict that in 100 years
from now, everyone will be obese

~ by judohobo on April 11, 2007.

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