tales of corporate crime

conrad black loots hollinger international

enron song

Conrad Black is on trial for fraud, just the latest in a long line
of crooked CEOs helping themselves to shareholders money on top
of rewarding themselves by increasing their already inflated salaries.
We don’t have to think back too far to remember Enron, or Worldcom.
Mr. Black helped himself to the funds of a public corporation, using
it as his own personal expense account. If you or I did this, we’d
already be in prison. Why should there be another standard for
a greedy CEO? I’m sure there’s room down the hall from Paris
Hilton, if they’d feel too lonely without someone else from their
“class”. These crooks are busy swindling little people – the
stockholders. Just like the G8, these vultures are doing their
best to keep the world poor, and not just in North America. The
Black Hand of multinational corporations is working against the
good of the people in other parts of the world as well.

American firm Bearing Point drafted the most recent oil law in the Iraqi
constitution. Would you as citizens want a foreign corporation making
your country’s laws? Read more about it here:

~ by judohobo on June 5, 2007.

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  1. A new fraud on the Internet

    A new fraud on the Internet

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