hbo pays back evil for good

COOCH dancers

The series Carnivale was a real throwback to the old style of good
characters and storytelling. Creator Daniel Knauf has brought us a
really addicting story that once it grabs your attention, doesn’t let go
and we are fascinated by the characters. The opening title sequence
alone was like a beautiful art film, anyone could see a lot of love
went into the making of that series.

ben and sofie

How did HBO pay Knauf back for being the artist that he is and
offering his best work? Executives decided they no longer were
interested in his story and not only canceled the series but are
now working desperately to prevent him from continuing the series
on his own for the legions of fans who’d like to see the rest of his
tale. HBO refuses to allow him to continue Carnivale even in graphic
novel form. What a way to repay him for all the viewers his series
brought to HBO and the ratings, and profits, etc. HBO doesn’t deserve
our respect for treating artists so badly. HBO doesn’t have to continue
making a series they don’t want to, but if they’re going to throw it
away at least release the rights so Knauf can continue the story on
his own instead of being petty and cheap about ideas they didn’t
even create in the first place



~ by judohobo on August 1, 2007.

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