the ultimate solution

Evil empire Micro$oft is attempting a forced takeover of Yahoo, after offers
to buy the company over the last two years were rejected, ironically
citing their reasoning being Google’s monopoly on the market share.

Less than a month ago, Micro$oft was nailed in Europe again with hefty fines for
its unwillingness to share the market with any other company to the tune
of 1.3 billion dollars for failing to comply with a 2004 court ruling against
the company’s illegal practices. So far, Micro$oft has now paid 2.5 billion
in fines in total. This has forced Micro$oft to reveal some of its source
code or face further fines. Micro$oft is fine with monopoly, so long as
they’re the ones at the controls.

~ by judohobo on April 1, 2008.

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