disposable society

tires once were petroleum


Everything in our society is disposable, often designed for a single
use, after which its thrown away. Both vendors and consumers love
this, as the countless landfills all over the world prove. Convenience
is usually the selling point.
The trouble is, most of the single use items sold every day are
made of plastic, which is made from a non renewable energy
source – petroleum. So, the “quick fix” isn’t always the best way,
especially if it creates more problems in the future. Is this the
best way to use up our very limited supply of petroleum and
leave a huge mess for our grandchildren to live with? The
choices we make will definitely leave an impact on future
generations, it’s not rational for us to waste limited resources on
disposable items that can only be used once or on the mountains
of packaging that goes straight into the nearest landfill. Recycling
creates jobs, too , just in case anyone forgot.

evil pollution

lincoln log cabin

~ by judohobo on September 13, 2008.

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