it’s all in the numbers

shark!  shark!

Sept job statistics have been released in Canada. Since
the financial crisis in the global economy has worsened everyone
has been waiting for these numbers, especially politicians who
will use them to justify their failing policies.
Over 100,000 new jobs were created in Canada despite the fact
we are in a very serious recession. Before our government gets
too busy praising themselves for this, almost 96,000 of these new
jobs were part time, low paying service industry jobs – the kind of
employment that just allows people to survive, barely, and not make
mortgage payments or prop up the economy with high consumer
spending. It should be no suprise to anyone how fast the middle
class is disappearing in North America.

The gap between rich and poor is growing much wider in Canada, than
in other developed countries because in the lean 1990’s the
goverment cut back heavily on social programs and now, very tough
times are approaching. We may see another recession as bad as
the one in 1982. The fact that income disparity is increasing so
rapidly is normally a sign of societal decline.

~ by judohobo on November 4, 2008.

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