Ontario attacks Big Tobacco

cigarette dangles

The Ontario government is suing tobacco companies
for health care costs. It’s about time, this could be
a landmark case in Canada, and the Quebec government
is already thinking about following suit.

Tobacco firms have passed the health costs of their products
on to taxpayers for the last 60+ years, it’s time to
make the guilty pay. British Columbia has already filed a similar
suit and the court case will soon be underway. In the
USA tobacco firms have lost a similar case and have
agreed to pay $246 billion over a 25 year period to
cover health care costs due to smoking related illnesses.
Tobacco use costs the world billions every year. It’s time
to attack Big Tobacco, they’ve already profited enough
from those dead and dying of cancer.

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~ by judohobo on October 15, 2009.

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