outsourcing: the real reason for a jobless recovery

once u kill a cow, u gotta make a burger - lady gaga

Outsourcing has created a boom in india’s economy and
China is now the no 2 economy in the world, just passing japan
In India and China, the middle class is growing rapidly while in North
America it is shrinking just as fast. People come to north america to
get rich and then send the money home, this is killing our economy.

Even though unemployment is maintaining record highs over 10%, North
American employers are vigorously recruiting foreign skilled
workers and the US government is even giving them special visas
to do the work of American professionals, but much cheaper.
Supermarkets plan to follow the trend set in Japan and the UK: cashierless
checkouts with card swipe machines, even the US military, one of the
biggest employers in the world is planning to use robots instead of
soldiers for more tasks. What does all this mean for
north Americans whose manufacturing jobs lost in recent years?
It means not only are those jobs not coming back but we are
losing many more. We will have to get used to living in world with
high unemployment, the percentage of people on UI is 10% now,
not including those who are self employed or their benefits have
run out, that adds at least another 3- 5 % percent, meaning the
real unemployment rates are hovering around 15 % and not showing any
signs of decreasing. In Japan, and now British Columbia, grocery stores
are cutting back on employees ( cashiers ) by putting in card swipe
machines, and the new trend in virtualization shows signs of greatly
reducing IT jobs as well. Not enough jobs are being created to even
make dent in the layoffs and losses. We should expect in the future to
live in a world of 20 -25 % unemployment. The high paying unionized
manufacturing jobs we are losing are being replaced with low paying
service industry jobs, these are the jobs of the future. Keep in mind
also that recessions ( and we will likely have many more ) push wages down
and once inflation rises again we will be back in the situation we were
in before with profesionals like teachers and tradesmen having to
work second jobs to pay the bills because the cost of living is rising
so high, only with high unemployment. The average middle class family
with two incomes makes $54,000 a year, in the 1970’s the same
family earned $56,000 per year ( adjusted for inflation). In the 1940’s
and 1950 ‘s a loaf of bread cost 10 cents, today a loaf of bread costs
$3.00 – in other words 300 % inflation. Since 1963 inflation has been
rising very rapidly, shown by the fact that in 1964 the USA took all
the silver out of its coins ( devaluing the currency), Canada did the
same in 1968. Before 1963, inflation didn’t increase as fast as it
does now in a hundred years, that was the sign of a very stable
economy. A loaf of bread had been the same price for over 50
years, now prices increase every two or three.

What are the main reasons for this, you may ask, other than greed,
the answer is globalism. The International Monetary Fund
and World Bank are globalist organizations increasing world poverty
with their globalist agendas, why else would they stop programs
that work like skills training and sending farm equipment to developing
nations to give them handouts of food aid instead to keep the poor
begging and dependent instead of being able to provide for themselves.
Remember, outsourcing is another gift to us from the globalists, as if
inflation, and poverty weren’t already enough, in their bid to make
everyone equal by shrinking the middle class.

At least for now, Lady Gaga doesn’t have to worry about her job
being outsourced

lady gaga

~ by judohobo on March 17, 2010.

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