As a minimum wage slave who depends on the faceless conglomerates to be able to survive, one of the the masses of people who aren’t wealthy, who are just barely getting by, who didn’t have a voice, until now, the age of the internet. Many thanks to WordPress, i’m very grateful for this opportunity.

This site was inspired by a powerful film called “The Corporation”. The film is so well put together, it forced me to take a hard look at my life of thoughtless consumption. It raises many interesting issues, here’s a few of the most memorable:

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was created to protect newly freed slaves after the Civil War. Corporations use it to legally define themselves as persons to escape liability for the damages they cause. A corporation really only exists on paper, yet has more rights than ANY person or group of persons. Corporations, and their lawyers, use the 14th Amendment to force us to pay their externalities – the costs that are imposed upon us. For example, the world is in the middle of a cancer epidemic, because of the massive amounts of chemicals we are exposed to daily in the form of pollution and in the products themselves, especially by the tobacco industry.

The working poor make up the majority of the world’s population. Most are not white, and usually women, however it is rich white men – a minority – who make all the decisions concerning our future, and our children’s futures. They are making decisions for us that we should be making, we know what is in our own interest, they make decisions based on their self interest. Fortune 500 companies make more than the GDP of many nations. These corporations are determining public policy, but taxpayers who are actually paying their costs should be making these decisions.

The Corporation depends on our ignorance. It needs a ” philosophy of futility ” and “fashionable consumption ” to sell us things we don’t really need. The goal of industry is to have ” individuals totally dissociated from each other ” ( Chomsky ). The corporate world shows a real indifference to democracy. Even falsifying news isn’t illegal. It’s no mere coincedence that Fascism was spread through Europe with the help of American corporations. If we do nothing, one day everything from rainwater to human genes will be owned by a corporation. We need to act now, to force these conglomerates to obey the laws of a democracy, if we wish to continue to live in one. Our children’s futures could be very dark if we do nothing

fight the power

Dedicated to striking back at corporate greed one post at atime


2 Responses to “Manifesto”

  1. hey i meet you at the college a couple days ago… and you told me about your pages… its great!! ur bound for success

  2. keep posting! great stuff.

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