it’s all in the numbers

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shark!  shark!

Sept job statistics have been released in Canada. Since
the financial crisis in the global economy has worsened everyone
has been waiting for these numbers, especially politicians who
will use them to justify their failing policies.
Over 100,000 new jobs were created in Canada despite the fact
we are in a very serious recession. Before our government gets
too busy praising themselves for this, almost 96,000 of these new
jobs were part time, low paying service industry jobs – the kind of
employment that just allows people to survive, barely, and not make
mortgage payments or prop up the economy with high consumer
spending. It should be no suprise to anyone how fast the middle
class is disappearing in North America.

The gap between rich and poor is growing much wider in Canada, than
in other developed countries because in the lean 1990’s the
goverment cut back heavily on social programs and now, very tough
times are approaching. We may see another recession as bad as
the one in 1982. The fact that income disparity is increasing so
rapidly is normally a sign of societal decline.

disposable society

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tires once were petroleum


Everything in our society is disposable, often designed for a single
use, after which its thrown away. Both vendors and consumers love
this, as the countless landfills all over the world prove. Convenience
is usually the selling point.
The trouble is, most of the single use items sold every day are
made of plastic, which is made from a non renewable energy
source – petroleum. So, the “quick fix” isn’t always the best way,
especially if it creates more problems in the future. Is this the
best way to use up our very limited supply of petroleum and
leave a huge mess for our grandchildren to live with? The
choices we make will definitely leave an impact on future
generations, it’s not rational for us to waste limited resources on
disposable items that can only be used once or on the mountains
of packaging that goes straight into the nearest landfill. Recycling
creates jobs, too , just in case anyone forgot.

evil pollution

lincoln log cabin

dildo’s solar innovator

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Energy costs are rising every day, due to speculators. Already some
families are being forced to choose between gas for the daily commute to
work and home heating oil or food for the kids and many Canadians are
already thinking ahead to next winter’s heating costs. Many homes
are already being converted from heating oil to natural gas and even
wood stoves
Jim Meaney, Dildo, Newfoundland’s own backyard genius and junkman,
has come up with an innovative home heating system that makes use of
both solar energy and recycles aluminum cans. If more backyard inventors
follow his example, our rising energy costs could be a thing of the past.
Hopefully, Meaney’s invention will become a popular add on to homes
all over North America and make the town of Dildo famous all over the

moral hazard

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Aside from the issue of governments rewarding companies bad
business practices – i.e. bailing out hedge funds and banks who
made bad decisions by selling subprime mortagages as top rated
bonds, America encourages greed and mismanagement by
giving CEO’s of failing corporations huge bonuses at the expense
of stockholders and employees. Consider this, General Motors
is in the middle of a disastrous year where losses will be the
worst in the company’s history and thousands of employees will
lose their jobs, yet as a reward for his mismanagement, CEO
Rick Wagoner will take home and extra 15.6 million dollars in
bonuses for the great job he’s doing of running GM into the
ground. That teaches other future and present CEOs they will
be rewarded for bad decisions and immoral practices instead
of being fired as they should be or at least having to eat the
loss by losing their fat bonus. Just what kind of behavior is it
we are trying to encourage in the business world by rewarding
corruption and incompetence?

the devil’s business card

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everybody has one

Credit cards, almost everybody has one and whether you pay your
bills on time or not, cardholders are being gouged by high interest
rates. Everything costs far too much already without the added
18 % interest rate.
If you’ve been a loyal customer of your credit card company,
i encourage you to phone the service number on the back of
the card and tell whoever is listening in a calm and professional
manner that you have been paying your bills on time and deserve
a lower rate. Be firm and polite in doing so and you may be able
to get a lower interest rate. If they say no, tell them you’ll find
another company who will give you a better deal. In a recent
experiment by CBC News, 70% of the cardholders who tried got a
lower rate, some as dramatic as half the interest they were being
charged before.

eat it

is this the future?


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the ultimate solution

Evil empire Micro$oft is attempting a forced takeover of Yahoo, after offers
to buy the company over the last two years were rejected, ironically
citing their reasoning being Google’s monopoly on the market share.

Less than a month ago, Micro$oft was nailed in Europe again with hefty fines for
its unwillingness to share the market with any other company to the tune
of 1.3 billion dollars for failing to comply with a 2004 court ruling against
the company’s illegal practices. So far, Micro$oft has now paid 2.5 billion
in fines in total. This has forced Micro$oft to reveal some of its source
code or face further fines. Micro$oft is fine with monopoly, so long as
they’re the ones at the controls.

there’s always big money in waste and pollution

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we've seen this many times

Plastic bags. Everybody hates them, Leaf Rapids, Manitoba even
banned them, China is considering doing the same. Here in
North America, though, plastic bags will likely be around for many
more years. Why? Because even if we don’t want them,
someone is getting very rich producing them.

paper or plastic, sir?

It’s estimated that 10% of all petroleum produced becomes
plastic bags, which are often used one time at best and then
sent to the local landfill or more likely seen blowing around
uglifying the local landscape. This wasted petroleum could
easily be used for something else that consumers really
want or need. But it won’t be, instead corporations and
our governments will sit on their hands while billions more
unwanted plastic bags are produced daily.

Some interesting facts on recycling:

Throwing away an aluminum can is like pouring out six ounces of
gasoline. Last year americans recycled enough aluminum cans to
conserve 15 million barrels of oil

Incinerating 10,000 tons of waste creates one job; landfilling 10,000
tons of waste creates six jobs: recycling 10,000 tons of waste
creates 36 jobs

National recycling rate of 30 percent saves the equivalent of
more than five billion gallons of gasoline, reducing dependence
on foreign oil by 114 million barrels. This could be even higher

Recycling 35 percent of our trash reduces global warming emissions
equivalent to taking 36 million cars off the road